Health Trend: Charcoal Everything



If you love a good $12 store bought charcoal lemonade, no harm in keeping it in your fridge. 

Just know, it is not providing any form of "detox" health for your body.

And it is by all means, not making you healthier. I did not go to school to study Nutritional Sciences for years on end to tell you charcoal will detox you. It will not. 

Charcoal was originally used by ER doctors for certain patients who overdosed as a way to rid the body of toxins. Based on various studies, there is no scientific data backing this. Even more so are the health trends of charcoal toothpaste, charcoal skincare and masks, charcoal deodorant, charcoal lemonade. The list goes on! There are ZERO studies published that testify to any truth by the these charcoal products. 

"According to Consumer Reports, supplements are regulated much more loosely than FDA-approved drugs, so something like an activated charcoal supplement or smoothie doesn't necessarily contain what is advertised on the label." For more reading on why charcoal has zero benefit for you- 

But again, if you love charcoal lemonade, and it makes you feel good, there is no harm in drinking it in moderation. I will always be an advocate for consuming more water each day, and if that means drinking charcoal lemonade, that counts as drinking water for. 

See my next post: Save your $12. How to make an easy charcoal lemonade for free, and at the least be hydrated.  

Necessary for Health: 0 | Legitimacy: 0