Health Trend Report: Turmeric

With every new year, comes new health trends and new scientific data being released. Based on scientific research and my professional opinion...see below. 

Necessary for Health Scale 1-10  |  Legitimacy Scale 1-10  (1 being no, 10 being YES) 

1. Turmeric Curcumin

Turmeric has assumed an almost mythical status in some cultures for its use in an extraordinarily broad range of ailments. Turmeric is thought to be-

anti-inflammatory | antimicrobial | antioxidant | antiviral | antibacterial | antifungal | anticancer

While some early studies seem to back up at least some of the healing qualities long since attributed to it, scientific research and its medicinal chemistry concluded that curcumin does not appear to have the properties required for a good drug candidate.

There is also scientific evidence that if you are iron deficient and show signs of anemia, turmeric may actually interfere in iron absorption. 

Either way- anyone wanting to take supplements or herbs should discuss it with a doctor or nutrition practitioner first to avoid negative interactions with medications or disease management. 

Necessary for health: 4 | Legitimacy: 7


abby lauren