Health Trend: Acai Bowls.

Acai Bowls . Do they taste too good to be true? 

Before we dive in, ask yourself this question first...

1. What is the health benefit I am after when I eat an açaí bowl? 

Most of us eating these beautiful bowls are after the same thing. To look and feel youthful & fit, to feel healthy and energetic each day, to live a long, disease free life. 

A TON of "Healthy" Acai Bowl spots are potentially misleading us all...and they might not be providing any of the health perks they are marketing. 

How do I know this? I called and emailed multiple locations in just LA alone and asked for the nutrition facts, straight up. Brace yourself, here's what I found...



Honey, agave, "healthy" granola, excessive amounts of fruit, cocoa nibs, coconut shreds...

From the dozens of places in LA I reached out to, the average amount of sugar per 1 açaí bowl = 

30-100G OF SUGAR /

600-1000 CALORIES

What does this mean for you?

It means, you are eating a ton of calories.

But on top of that:

  • The overload of sugar is possibly damaging your liver. 
  • Excess sugar increases uric acid levels. High uric acid levels = risk factor for heart and kidney disease or kidney STONES. 
  • High Sugar tricks your body into gaining weight and interferes with insulin and leptin signaling. 

Weight gain | High Risk for Disease | Sleep Issues | PCOS | Early Dementia |

But what should I eat, if I can't eat an açaí bowl?   

What did you eat before the açaí bowl trend came to be? Go back to the basics! 


Examples include

Coconut milk yogurt, berries, paleo granola | Make your own at home with 1 packet of unsweetened açaí, 1 banana, 1 cup unsweetened almond milk, paleo granola | 1 cup of mixd berries with 1tbs almond butter | 1 apple + a drizzle of honey and 1tbs almond butter | 

For more inspiration.