The One Major Mistake You are Making At The Gym

You workout everyday. You Cardio. You Lift. You Stretch.

That is great. The problem is what you are doing in between sets or immediately post-workout. 

Next time you are at the gym, notice this.

Do you hunch over looking at your phone in between sets or after a workout?

You just utilized and contracted the muscles being used, and always the core muscles to engage the posture muscles during your workout. 

If you catch yourself hunching or looking at your phone. Think again.

The muscles of the posterior are crucial to our core. When we hunch or look at our phones, we are putting extreme tension and stress on those muscles that we just worked, basically canceling out what we just did in the gym to an extent.

Next time you lift. Do this-

  • Stretch in between sets. Stretch your neck. Stretch your back. Stretch the muscles you are working too. 
  • Put your phone away. Do not look at it for your entire workout. And if you absolutely must, keep your phone at eye level and keep shoulders down and back, chin up, while texting. 
  • Focus on engaging your core the entire workout, resting time included. 
  • Breathe properly. In through the nose while doing the work, out through the mouth while releasing.






abby lauren