Health Trend: Supplements. Do I Need Them? Am I Wasting Money On Them? And What Kinds?

"I read somewhere that this one vitamin will make me feel more energetic, so I bought that and now take it every day."

"My sisters boyfriends first cousins mom told me she has been taking a supplement to help her hair grow, I bought it off Amazon and take it twice a day."

"I saw an instagram post for a weight loss supplement and bought it instantly. It costs $1 a day so that's only $30 a month, I take one a day."


Do any of these sound like you? 

Do you go to the doctor to get a yearly exam, full blood work, and have a serious consult with your physician? A real physician that is. An M.D. A doctor who, went to medical school, in the United States. And, who has your best interest?

If so, great job! You are on the right track. Your physician might not know or have the background to get into talks with you about the most recent, trendy, or even longtime vitamins on the market. What they may tell you is that what you are taking isn't necessarily good or essential for your health. Or they may tell you to see a Nutritionist to lead you in the right direction. 

In my professional opinion. I believe if you eat well and are overall healthy, most of what you need you can get from food or your body will make.

If you are not feeling best, first things first, go to the doctor and get a blood panel and their professional opinion on what you are low on.

If you take vitamins or want to take vitamins if you believe you need them. Ask yourself these questions first. 

1. Am I deficient in anything according to my blood results?

2. Do I see a difference in my energy, health, hair/nails/skin, etc from the supplements I take?

3. Can I take 30 days of supplements, go off of them for 30 days and do I feel different?

4. Am I buying or looking into buying supplements from a reputable practitioner who can prescribe them correctly? 

I prescribe Metagenics and Standard Process. Medical Grade supplements. Most of them, you need to get prescribed by a Nutrition Professional or physician, sometimes alternative medicine practitioners will also prescribe them. 

If you answered these questions with hesitation. Think twice. The vitamin industry is necessary to an extent but are we just taking supplements that aren't actually doing anything for us? And potentially harming us? 

Instead of taking a blind guess and buying supplements based on what others say or someone who isn't a professional in this world, think twice.

You wouldn't have someone who wasn't a pilot fly your plane, right? 

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abby lauren