I'm Addicted to SUGAR and anything sweet. HELP Me.

When is the last time you went a full day eating something without sugar in it?

Brown Rice Syrup. Cane Sugar. Brown Sugar. Coconut Sugar. Agave. Honey. Coconut Nectar. Monk Fruit. 

Sugar is addicting. If you are constantly craving sugar. Try this.

1. Take it one day at a time. Go one full day without sugar. See how many days you can go in a row without eating anything sweet. Fruit aside. 

2. Limit fruit to 2x a day. Apples are your best bet. They are low glycemic, raising your blood sugar slowly and take awhile to digest, high in fiber, and high in nutrients. 

3. Drink more water. I cannot tell you this enough. Sometimes we crave carbohydrates, I.e. sugar, because we are DEHYDRATED

4. You Do You. Some people say they like to do diets together with friends, family, coworkers. This is awesome. But that has a high probability of disappointment and stress if you have to think about others sticking to it. If you only have to focus on YOU. You'll success rate will be higher. You take a shower everyday right? Brush your teeth? You don't have to check in with your friends or family to make sure they do that too right? 

5. Don't beat yourself up. If you've gone 5 days or 30 days without sugar. Good for you! If you go to a birthday party and want to have a bite of cake. Go ahead. You are human and food is a positive and fun part of life, when it is eaten with that mindset. 

6. Namaste. Yoga. Meditate. Have a mantra and tell yourself everyday that same thing. Examples include: Today I will eat best to feel best. Today I will eat well to feel well. Today I will fuel my body with foods that make me stronger and healthy. Whatever it may be, be nice to yourself and be on your own team. You are your biggest supporter no matter what. 

abby lauren