· Extreme Weight Loss

· Stubborn Weight Loss

· Sports / Exercise Specific

· Diet as Preventative Medicine

· Using diet to help alleviate symptoms from illness/chronic health ailments

· Juicing as Preventative Medicine and day to day guidance

· Professional Athletes/Athletic Performance

· Q&A related to diet and lifestyle

· Recognizing unidentified health ailments


· Recognizing unidentified food allergies or intolerances

· Switching to a more plant-based diet (vegetarian or vegan)

· Nutrition and diet education to help you make the best food choices

· Supplement guidance, recommendations, supplement prescription 

· Finding balance with emotional eating

· Pre and Post-Pregnancy

· Hormonal Imbalances

· Nutrition Consulting for emerging companies and brands

· Nutrition Speaking / Q&A / one on one consults for corporate employees 

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