Do you want to make your health a priority?


My nutrition practice is based on the science of food and treating each patient as an individual.


I truly believe the key to increasing our chances of living a long, disease-free, stress-free, injury-free and most importantly happy life is simple.


By feeding ourselves high quality foods that react best with our body each day, exercising daily, and being consistent and persistent with those things in our control.


Every patient has unique needs, wants, health ailments, and goals with their personal wellbeing.


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I see clients via Skype, in home and office in Los Angeles, and in office at my practice in Beverly Hills, California. 


I currently live in Venice, California. I'm a member of the NBC Universal Triathlon team and participate in the Nautica Malibu Triathlon for Children's Hospital LA every summer. I am on the leadership advisory board and an active volunteer of Vista Del Mar. I spend most of my free time hiking in Malibu, going to concerts, traveling the world, and cooking for my friends. 


B.S. Nutritional Sciences (Michigan State University) | Clinical Nutritionist  

Post-Graduate Studies (UCLA)Exercise Physiology | Sports Nutrition

Nutrition Practitioner: Prescribe for Standard Process | Metagenics